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Our Team  


Kemarr "KB" Brown

Digital Story


Founder & CEO

Q: Why did you start The Fresh Linen Club?

A: That's a simple one; there was a clear need for a platform that connected home owners, businesses, and professionals in the property management work space to experienced, trustworthy, vetted, and affordable cleaning service professionals.


Given my background in system designs, I came up with the idea of creating two mobile applications for customers to easily and efficiently book their cleaning services with a contract FLC Pros Team Member. 

In short, I started this company because there is great potential in the cleaning service industry and I'd like to position our organization as the next "Uber" for Consumer Services. 

Our FLC Pros Team are committed to excellence and delivery superb service to every customer. 


Beverly Fulton 

Operations Manager

Q: What are your two primary focus areas?

A: As a young company, we are keenly focused- to be fair - obsessed with two areas right now: securing contracts and implementing practical, repeatable processes that guarantees a high level of service delivery to all our customers, regardless of the team that services them. 

We've also been very intentional in ensuring that our infrastructure is sound, allowing us to stay lean, but extremely efficient. 


Arlene Brown

People Person

Q: What are you looking for in your next FLC Pros Team Member?

A: All employees and contractors joining the FLC Team must first and foremost be service minded. As a company, we are only as good as our service delivery practices.

Second, we need people who are self-starters. We envision having employees/gig contractors who will one day own their very own FLC Franchise. Being charismatic,  detail-oriented, process driven, and prompt are characteristics we are looking for with all team members.

Click image for Job Application

looking for a job, apply now!

The Fresh Linen Club is always looking for new talent to join our team.

Check out the careers and gig opportunities page or send your resume to and our People Person will be in contact. 

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